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What is a Referrer?

A referrer URL for your ecommerce site is the address of the website that a visitor or customer was on preceding their visit to your site. Basically, it is the URL that identifies where your visitors clicked to land on your site. This data is crucial for understanding your customer journey. The more you know about how your customers ended up on your site, the more you can put emphasis on the strategies that work or the channels that perform the best.

How can I use referral data?

By setting up UTM tags, you can track exactly where your visitors are coming from ahead of their sessions on your site. This is part of marketing attribution strategy. With UTM tags, you’ll have tailored code snippets in your URLs that help you track exactly what channels your customers came from. This is one of the best ways to find out your top referrer sources. With that data, you can double down on your most successful sources of quality customers.