Find revenue opportunities daily

Automate your revenue analysis and receive reports on the critical data that shape your business.

We build on your data

In minutes, connect your Shopify stores or application databases to Peel and let us extract revenue data. Explore the automated analysis of every segment without having to calculate equations or create dashboards.


How it works

1. You connect your datasources

We provide a less than 2 minute seamless connection between your datasources and Peel.

2. Peel analyzes
your data

Peel does all the work and computes your data using machine learning algorithms.

3. You read your reports

Peel highlights the top segments that drive revenue and sends you the most important analysis!

work smarter

Peel keeps you informed

Peel automates your business analytics by applying data science to the revenue data you have stored in your databases and datasources.

Save your time

Don't spend your time calculating revenue metrics across all your segments every week. Peel does it for you and sends you what you need to know!

data points

Connect to Peel

One click set up to connect in seconds with your datasources.

It’s easy to get started

Your automated analyst is ready for work.