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The Future of DTC Analytics

Pre-Built Dashboard

Arrange multiple data visualizations together and review the segmented metrics you care about the most - all in one place.

Cohort Analysis

Study data across acquisition, activation, marketing, and retention metrics to get insight into your customers continual engagement with your brand.


Explore hundreds of precomputed analyses and segments (SKU, shipping location, discount codes, attribution source, subscription, etc) to get a full picture of the best and worst-performing groups of customers.

Marketing Analysis

Manage your marketing spend from Facebook Ads and Google Ads by campaigns, networks, attribution windows, segments, sources, day etc., across all your accounts.

Campaign Strategy

Connect your Facebook & Google account for immediate insight on short term metrics like ROAS, which assesses campaign performance or long term metrics like LTV, which evaluates customer value over months or even years.

Goals & Tracking

Set monthly or quarterly goals to monitor how you're pacing on each individual metric. By having Peel report and track your pace towards your goal, you are able to align and motivate your team to succeed.

Daily Insight Reports

Drive positive outcomes and always know what's happening in your business with Peel's daily trend reports via Email and Slack that highlight the most impactful segments.


Display multiple metrics all at once in a large table view, for each specific segment. Download and share this with your team and revisit it over and over again.

Find all the answers to your questions in Peel

Do discount codes provide a higher LTV?

TIP: Tie your discount codes to a specific platform, campaign or initiative in order to understand its efficacy.

Do loyalty program customers generate more value?

TIP: Utilize the customer tagging in Shopify to identify subsets of customers (ex. loyalty program) to track purchasing behavior.

What is my repurchase rate telling me?

TIP: Get a feel for different time periods to tell your repurchasing story. Between holiday and/or summer markdowns, learn how each of these impact your customer purchasing behavior. 

How do I see the products that sold the most in a specific timeframe?

TIP: The data is easily sliced in Peel, all you need to do is sort the table by the timeframe of your choice.

How do I clean my data to have a more accurate AOV?

TIP: Easily filter out orders you don't need to get a “clean” picture of your business without the noise and exceptions.

Understand the past & predict the future of your store

Peel's intuitive, automated analytics platform helps you measure your data and improve your customer acquisition and retention. Connect your Shopify store(s) and within hours, watch your data transform.

Discover Trends

Peel automatically analyzes and monitors 100+ key ecommerce metrics crucial for marketing, sales, customer success and strategy teams.

Stay Informed

Peel selects and sends your team the most important data, KPIs, and trend analysis so everyone can understand and access it at a glance.

Make Decisions

Graphs, tables, cohorts, and charts of all your historical data are ready to be explored. All it takes is a couple of clicks to see your data, make smart decisions and fuel business growth.


What Our Customers Are Saying


Just another note to say how much WE LOVE PEEL! Peel is helping us understand how we can be at our best, supporting our customers during this difficult time.


We've been using Peel for several weeks now and love it! We share the insights to a shared Slack channel and it gives us insight into our sales, which sparks a lot of interesting conversations. Great tool!


Peel has been incredibly useful for us and has saved a ton of time by automating analyses we used to handle manually. It's a great value, and I would absolutely recommend it, especially for consumable products.


The daily graphs on Slack have been super helpful as they provide an at-a-glance view of our business performance and trends. The dashboard is a very powerful tool that was able to delay our expensive data analyst hire. Highly recommended to any ecommerce store that's serious about data driven decision making.


Peel has been a fantastic partner. They are extremely receptive to feedback and have created an easy to use and adaptable analytics application. The slack integration makes it so easy to have a pulse on metrics. They're great!


Peel Analytics is incredibly easy to use and delivers tons of value for the cost. Their automated reporting in Slack proactively surfaces insights in a place where our team already spends a lot of time and what's more, they're constantly iterating and improving the product.


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