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Conversion Rate

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate for your ecommerce site is a metric that represents how many visitors make a purchase compared to the total number of visitors. Generally, this takes into consideration all visitors from organic traffic, direct traffic, social traffic, and paid traffic for a defined period of time in relation to the total number of purchases made during the same period. Conversion rate can help clue you in on the efficacy of your website layout and check out experience from a transactional point of view.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate

To calculate your website’s conversion rate, you simply divide the total number of sales by total number of visitors for a given period. For example, if you wanted to figure out your website conversion rate for a specific month where you had 1000 visitors and 280 total transactions, all you have to do is divide 300 by 1000. In this scenario, your conversion rate = 28%