Simplifying data analysis for ecommerce teams.

We are a product first company who believes that the best teams operate when they are informed by data - lots of it, so we are creating a more efficient, extensive, affordable way for companies to do it. Peel is building software that helps e-commerce teams sell to more customers and earn more revenue from existing customers, in a data driven way.


Our Story

Working in the tech and e-commerce industry for many years, we always found ourselves frustrated with the lack of automation in data analysis. Everyone was creating their own siloed reports in spreadsheets and trying to merge disparate static data sources. We knew there had to be a more efficient, accurate, and automated way to get the analysis we needed, across all the dimensions.

With this in mind, we teamed up to build Peel: an automated data analysis tool that analyzes 100+ metrics across all dimensions to show e-commerce teams the key drivers of change for their organization. The technology we have built allows us to run thousands of queries for each customer, daily—way beyond the ability of a SQL database or spreadsheet.  We are working to fulfill our vision to make data simple, reliable and visually intuitive for e-commerce teams.

Meet our Team.

We are a fully-remote product driven team reinventing the way teams access, experience and comprehend data analysis.

Nicolas Grasset

Co-Founder, CEO

Yasmin Nozari

Co-Founder, COO

Phillipe Casorla Sagot

Co-Founder, CTO

Adam Zepeda

Product Designer

Andres Jimenez

Software Engineer

Ana Sides

Head of Marketing

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