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Return Visitor

What is a Return Visitor?

A Return Visitor is a prospective customer who visits your site more than once. Return Visitors represent a unique selling opportunity for your company. They’ve either returned because they are trying to learn more about your products, or they are coming back for another purchase. Either way, return visitors represent a great opportunity for targeted marketing based on their needs.

How to use Return Visitor data

Return Visitor data can help you better understand the needs of your customers. Creating retargeting campaigns where customers get targeted ads, featuring the products they frequent on your site can be one of the best ways to convert a customer. These days, with online shopping at the tips of our fingers with mobile devices, people browse more than ever. Retargeting ads get in front of a customer who may just need that little nudge to come back and make the purchase they’ve already been thinking about. Return Visitor data can also help you make improvements to your product content or user experience to reduce friction ahead purchases. If there is a point on your page or on your site that visitors get to, but don’t convert, you should be asking why and testing new changes.