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Engagement Rate

What is Engagement Rate?

Engagement Rate explains how your ads’ expected engagement rate compares to ads competing for the same audience. The engagement rate calculates the likelihood that a person will click, react to, comment on, share, or expand an ad. You can calculate Engagement Rate by taking the amount of post engagements divided by the amount of impressions from all marketing platforms. Engagement Rate = # Post Engagements / # of Impressions

How to improve Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate is a reflection of how much your content and products are resonating with your target audience. One way to improve Engagement Rate is by A/B testing different ads or different email campaigns. By redesigning the layout of your content or tweaking the way you express the features and values of your product, you can see which versions of your content get the best engagement and produce the highest value customers. Engagement-baiting (for example, asking for likes, comments, and so on) will not improve your ad performance.