All-in-One Retention Analytics

Your spreadsheets only offer a slice of visibility into your customers’ behavior. Peel centralizes all your customer purchasing data to peel it all off allowing you to personalize their experience and drive more sales
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find the top 10% of your customers

Audiences Dashboard

Audiences is your main hub for building killer customer retention campaigns and creating personalization pathways for your customer experience. Find specific groups of customers with dozens of easy-to-use filters, send that Audience to your email & SMS platforms or Facebook, engage them with targeted messaging, and track growth on your Audience dashboard.

Create Audiences as high-level as “Top 10% of Customers” or as specific as “Customer who have: 2+ purchases, have purchased a certain product, used a particular discount code, has an LTV of at least $X.”

  • Find your best customers
  • Create Audiences
  • Push to email, SMS & FB
  • Send hyper-targeted messaging
  • Build a more personalized customer experience
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Audience Traits

Audience Traits highlight some of the most important snapshots of information that brands want to see about their Audiences. Quickly view:

  • Top Product
  • Top Discount Code
  • Top City
  • Top SKU
  • Top Customer Tag
  • Top Attributed Channel
  • The UTM’s Source/Campaign that customers were acquired on
Audience Traits report in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands

Audiences Overlap

It’s your classic venn diagram with a customer retention twist. Audience Overlap shows you what customers your Audiences have in common. Toggle on 2 or 3 Audiences that you want to compare and view their common customers in the overlapping areas. Clicking on the overlap downloads a CSV of that common customer list. Then you’re equipped to run retention campaigns and curate content that makes sense for those overlapping groups of customers.

Audiences Overlap report in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands

RFM Analysis

RFM Analysis groups your customers into 10 distinct segments based on the Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value of their purchases. This quantitatively identifies your best customers, customers who need to hear from you ASAP, and everyone in between. The RFM grid visually represents your segments and allows you to filter for Recency - days since last order, Frequency - number of orders, or Monetary Value - average lifetime revenue (LTR).

RFM Analysis is available on Peel’s homepage, allowing you to get an instant snapshot of your business performance. But it wouldn’t be enough to just see your RFM segments; we also equip you to take action right on the page. You can select any of your RFM segments and create Audiences to get a more detailed view of each group's most essential growth metrics. From there, you can push your RFM Audience lists to Klaviyo, Attentive & Facebook to re-engage those customers with personalized content that’s tailored to their needs and various stages of their buyer’s journey.

RFM Analysis - Peel Insights

Custom Dashboards

your data packaged and presented to your needs

Unlimited Dashboards

Save any metric or report in Peel and add it as a widget to a custom dashboard in just a couple of clicks. This allows you to create unlimited retention focused dashboards for just about anything: specific sales, product-focused, seasonality, campaign-based, or whatever is important for your team to track at a given time.

  • Easily create weekly, monthly, or quarterly reporting
  • Download, send and schedule read-only dashboards
  • See movement across key metrics
Unlimited Dashboards - Peel Insights


find your biggest growth opportunities

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is the main recipe for creating a more personalized customer experience with your site, brand, messaging, and content. And Peel makes it easy. In just a couple of clicks, you can segment any of your metrics and analyses by dozens of different segment filters like customer tags, products, discounts, locations, order tags, attribution channels, line item order types and more. Discover things like:

  • Impact of specific campaigns on customer LTV
  • What marketing activations are driving growth and retention
  • First product purchased
Customer Segmentation - Peel Insights

Google Sheets & Excel Data Sync

Get Your Shopify and Amazon data in Google sheets and excel

Data Flexibility in Google Sheets & Excel

Peel gives you full access to linear revenue metrics and cohort analysis from your Shopify, Amazon and subscription data right in Google Sheets and Excel. Meeting you where you work is a high priority for Peel, so we give you the flexibility to visualize your data in our platform or take it to Google Sheets or Excel if your team needs access to raw imports from Shopify, Amazon or your preferred subscription platform. You can choose to get it as a static download or have it synced daily to keep you up to date with fresh data up to the previous business day.

Image with Shopify, Google sheets and Excel

Custom Analysis

Specific questions answered through custom analysis


Explore is a build-your-own report feature with multi-filters, metrics and raw data. This allows you to easily pull in customer-specific dimensions like cities and physical locations as well as product-specific data, campaigns, discount codes, and so much more. Get answers to questions like:

  • What is my daily ad spend by country and source?
  • How often are my customers in a specific geo repurchasing? 
  • How are my product variants performing for OTP across each traffic channel? 

These are just a few examples of what you can answer with Explore. Peel also equips you with a library of Slices, Audiences and dashboards all based on useful ways of looking at data that our customers use most often.

Choose columns for your reports in Peel analytics software

Custom Analysis with Snowflake

Oftentimes, our customers have questions that need specific layered analysis with 3 or 4 different variables that our dashboards don’t have the dynamic capabilities to do. That’s where Snowflake - the most advanced data cloud warehouse on the market - comes in.

Our BI analyst team is constantly working on powerful custom analysis powered by Snowflake to solve more complex questions for our customers. Need to see the quantity of products purchased at different stages of the customer journey? With Snowflake, we can create a report that lets you filter by order number (2nd, 3rd, 4th order, etc.) That’s just one example of many custom reports we can create.

Our team is constantly helping customers clean their data and get more accurate analysis that’s tailored to their needs, powered by and delivered by Snowflake.

Custom Analysis with Snowflake

Product Analytics

performance insights on a product level

Product Performance

Learn which products are resonating with your customers at different stages of their journey with your brand. From grouping your most commonly purchased products to showing you the purchasing pathways, the product analytics suite of analyses drills down to the core of what your customers are buying, when they are buying them, and how they are buying them.

Upgrading your analysis at a product level means that you have better predictive analytics based on your customers’ behavior and interaction with your products. With that, you can improve so many areas of your business including: marketing, sales, product strategy, and fulfillment.

Product Performance report in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands

Customer Purchasing Journey

See exactly what products your customers are purchasing from order to order. The Purchasing Journey maps out what customers buy on their first purchases and then shows what they purchased on their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th orders. If you know who your customers are, what they are purchasing, and when they are primed to purchase, you can create personalized marketing messages that are timed to perfection.

Viewing your Customer Purchasing Journey can help you upgrade your product pages with the right recommendations or shift marketing strategies in your email and SMS communications. If you know when your customers are primed to purchase their next product, with data to back the product selection and average timing of the next purchase, you’re in the perfect position to deliver timely, valuable content to your customers that’ll convert more sales.

Customer Purchasing Journey - Peel Insights

Market Basket Analysis

Discover your most commonly purchased product combinations. Market Basket Analysis helps you upgrade your product strategy, giving you the fuel to understand the logical connections between the products that are resonating with your customers. From there, you can create more effective bundling, cross selling and upselling strategies with products that you know will perform based on the data.

Accurate and timely product recommendations continue to be one of the most effective ways to get customers to check out with more and increase Average Order Value. Market Basket Analysis makes it so much easier to understand what products will resonate with customers based on their past purchases.

Market Basket Analysis- Peel Insights

Subscription Analytics

Grow your Subscriptions & Retain more Subscribers

Analyze Subscribers & Subscriptions

Your subscribers are your most loyal customers; let’s enhance that side of your business. Get key growth and retention insights like MRR, one-time purchase to subscriber behavior, subscription/subscriber growth rate, cohort retention, and so much more using our 40+ subscriptions metrics. Connect your Peel account with industry-leading subscription platforms like Recharge, Awtomic, Bold, LUNA, Retexion, Rodeo, Skio, and Smatrr to unlock your subscriber and subscription behavior.

  • Reduce subscriber churn
  • Convert more one-time purchasers to subscribers
  • Grow subscriber LTV
Analyze Subscribers & Subscriptions - Peel Insights

One-Time Purchasers to Subscribers

Tracking how your one-time purchasers (OTP) are converting to subscribers is a crucial step in improving your subscription business. Peel pulls that data directly from Shopify and your subscription platform; so, instead of having data in disparate locations that you manually have to gather to perform analysis, you can see your subscriber and subscription behavior in just a single click. Get a better understanding of when OTP are converting to subscribers, along with the products, campaigns, and discount codes that helped convert them.

List of subscription apps for Shopify DTC brands Peel integrates with

Cohort Analysis

See how you retain customers over time

Customer Cohorts

Cohort Analysis looks at groups of customers, and how they interact with your brand over time. In Peel, your cohorts are grouped by the month/week/quarter in which you acquired them. This can lead to major discoveries, like:

  • Better marketing campaigns drove more valuable customers: seeing higher AOV for a certain cohort? What campaigns drove those customers to purchase?
  • Product bundles helping you get max value: maybe that increased AOV comes from better product bundles, so customers are checking out with more.
  • Product recommendations are making a difference: added new product recommendations to your pages? Cross-selling feels great when it boosts AOV.

Track the results of your retention efforts and discover answers to these questions and so much more with Cohort Analysis.

Cohorts report in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands

Weekly Cohorts

Generally, customer cohorts are grouped and analyzed by months. Some industries, like consumer packaged goods, move quickly and need a more dynamic view of their cohorts. That’s why weekly cohorts are perfect for food & beverage brands; you can keep an eye on how your acquisition groups are repurchasing and growing over shorter periods if your sales and replenishment cycles are typically shorter.

Marketing Metrics - Peel Insights


Find which channels yield the highest ROI

Channel Attribution

Peel uses Shopify’s native data tracking of all user visits to access Referrer and UTM data. This allows us to load your customer attribution data from Shopify alongside dozens of other data models. With that, you get the most accurate tracking of channel performance across 19 platforms (including paid and organic channels), without the need to set up channel mapping yourself like you would with Google Analytics or other data platforms.

Image of the Peel Channel Attribution

Performance Marketing

Get accurate ROAS, ROI, & CAC to inform your marketing campaigns

Marketing Metrics

Analyzing ad performance goes well beyond just tracking sales connected to your campaigns. Some of the most important data for you to track includes both cost vs. revenue analysis and traditional ad performance KPIs. There are 30+ marketing metrics that are dedicated to helping you create better campaigns that convert more. Here’s a shortlist of some of your most important marketing metrics that Peel automates:

  • LTV:CAC Ratio
  • ROAS
  • ROI
  • Cost Per Click
  • Click Through Rate
Daily Slack & Email Reports  in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands


Add notes on your graphs to keep your team in sync

Annotations on Graphs

Keep your team on the same page by adding annotations to your graphs in Peel. Whether it’s noting when you ran a promotion, or explaining a spike or dip in one of your metrics, annotations make it easy for you to leave a signpost for your team. Simply select a specific date or date range, name the annotation (based on the event, campaign, experiment, etc) and leave a note with whatever relevant info you want to share with your team to remember later. This is especially helpful for when you go back on your monthly or quarterly reports; you’ll have important notes and reminders on hand to help.

Image of annotations on graphs in Peel e-commerce analytics software

Daily Insight Reports

automated updates to stay on the pulse of your business trends

Daily Slack & Email Reports

There’s so much data in Peel, lots of users don’t know where to look first. Whether you’re new to Peel or a longtime user, the Daily Insights Report is the perfect way to start your day, as it gives you a snapshot of which metrics are trending upward and downward. This helps you:

  • Gain a fresh, daily perspective on what areas need your team’s attention
  • Stay on the pulse of trends in your sales, marketing, acquisition, and retention data
  • Remain agile as it serves up the most pertinent moving pieces of your business, so you can improve your strategy in real time.
Set Trackable Goals in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands


Trackable KPI measurement for every stakeholder

Set Trackable Goals

Setting Goals helps you visualize your progress toward the growth you want for your brand. Choose any metric in Peel and select the dollar amount or numerical value for your goal, the time period you want to measure it for, and any relevant segments if you want to get specific.

Setting Goals for growth rate is also a great way to actively track your daily and weekly progress against your goal. Track your progress and keep your team up to date along the way.

Set Trackable Goals