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Matt Holman of "The Subscription Prescription" podcast teams up with Peel to discuss how to improve subscription offerings, boost LTV, and reduce churn in this on-demand webinar

Webinar: How to Improve DTC Subscription Offerings

Prebiotic soda is a gut healthy alternative to traditional soda that has taken the CPG world by storm. Learn about the best prebiotic soda brands and how they've transformed the beverage world.

What is Prebiotic Soda?

Peel partners with PostPilot to share how D2C brands can turn BFCM sales & data into more revenue for the entire holiday season & beyond.

Win More Repeat Purchases this Holiday Season (& Beyond) with PostPilot x Peel

Contribution margin is the revenue left over from the sales of a product after you’ve paid for all variable expenses. Get the contribution margin definition and tips for improving contribution profit.

What is Contribution Margin? Definition & How to Calculate

Peel partners with True Classic Tees to power their ecommerce retention analytics
Peel News

Peel Announces a Partnership with True Classic

The 8 best tools for ecommerce tech stacks:, Jasper AI, Tidio, MarketMuse, Descript, ViSense, Hypersonix & Peel

How to Improve Your Tech Stack with AI Tools for Ecommerce

Find out: is is safe for your D2C business along with how it works and how your Shopify brand might benefit from it

Is Safe? A Guide to How it Works

Peel's QuickStart Guide gets you set up with the ecommerce analytics you need to grow your D2C business.

QuickStart Guide: Getting Started in Peel

Exploring Triple Whale alternatives? Try Peel. Reward the customers who love your product the most and drive growth through improving retention and repeat purchases.
Data Analytics

Triple Whale Alternatives