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Attribution is a measurement technique that collects and analyzes the marketing and organic sources leading to a key event such as a purchase. Learn everything you need to know about marketing attribution

What is Attribution for Ecommerce?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a metric that represents how much money a business can expect a customer to spend on goods or services throughout the duration of their relationship with the business.
Data Analytics

What is Customer Lifetime Value? Your Guide to Increase CLV

Livestream shopping is when a seller hosts an event to sell products in real time, broadcasted via live stream on digital platforms. Learn everything you need to run successful livestream shopping events.

What is Livestream Shopping?

How to view repeat purchases over 30 days or 60 days is a common question for ecommerce businesses. We're covering a few useful ways to look at repurchase rate in Peel plus how you can take action to retain more customers.
Data Analytics

How to View Repeat Purchases?

So many brands want to know how to scale your ecommerce business. We're covering 5 simple strategies any ecommerce brand can implement now to scale your business and win more long term, repeat purchasers online.

How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business

RFM Analysis is an ecommerce measurement method that quantifies customer behavior based on the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value of their purchases. Learn how Peel just added RFM analysis to the platform.
Product Updates

What is RFM Analysis?

5 metrics to help ecommerce businesses convert more one-time purchasers to subscribers. Subscription business models thrive when you have a full understanding of how you acquire subscribers and retain them over time.
Data Analytics

5 Metrics to Convert More One Time Purchasers to Subscribers

8 ecommerce metrics that will help you grow in 2023 and beyond. As ecommerce verticals become increasingly competitive, leaning into data and knowing you ecommerce metrics to help you business grow is more important than ever.

8 Ecommerce Metrics to Help You Grow in 2023

Peel has added new analysis templates to our suite of ecommerce analytics tools for Shopify brands,
Data Analytics

Product Update: New Analysis Templates!