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You can get your Amazon Seller Central data in 3 main ways: the Amazon Seller Dashboard, exported data reports, and the Amazon Selling Partner API.
Data Analytics

How to Get Your Amazon Seller Central Data

Retention marketing is all about delivering real value to your customers in your post-purchase communications to keep them engaged and loyal to your brand

What is Retention Marketing? Strategies & Examples

iOS 17 disrupts link tracking and marketing attribution by automatically removing tracking parameters from links clicked within ads.

iOS 17 Disrupts Link Tracking: Here's What You Need to Know

UTM (Urchin Tracking Monitor) codes are snippets of text you can add to your URLs to help you track where website traffic comes from.

What is a UTM Tracking Code? UTM Tracking Guide

Peel Explore allows you to build your own multi-dimensional report tables, leveraging all your Shopify or Amazon data and Peel's robust set of DTC metrics.
Product Updates

Announcing Peel Explore!

You can now see all your Klaviyo performance metrics in Peel with newly added reports and a pre-made dashboard. This unifies your Klaviyo data with your customer behavior and product data in a single platform
Product Updates

Peel Update: New Klaviyo Metrics & Dashboard

Peel will be exhibiting at FounderMade's Innovation Show East. Join 1200+ DTC and CPG industry leaders for a day of networking opportunities, innovative product and solution discovery, and world-class education.
Peel News

Join us at FounderMade Innovation Show East

Wondering how to make money with ecommerce? Learn everything you need to make money with ecommerce and start selling online from the ground up.

How to Make Money with Ecommerce

Customer Retention refers to the rate at which customers continue to purchase goods or services from a business over time. Learn everything you need to know about customer retention including how to calculate, examples and strategies.

What is Customer Retention? Definition, Strategies & Examples