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Everyone has a Black Friday & Cyber Monday checklist these days. Here's a shortlist of where to look for the best BFCM advice for DTC brands.

Black Friday Checklists You Should Be Paying Attention To

SMS Marketing Tips for Quick Black Friday Cyber Monday Wins this Holiday Season.

'Tis the Season for SMS

Crafting a customer retention strategy for Black Friday & Cyber Monday is essential for sustained growth for ecommerce brands.

Customer Retention Strategies for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Learn the 5 things you can do with your ecommerce analytics in Peel to prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

5 Things You Can Do With Your Data to Prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Peel uses Snowflake to create custom analytics for ecommerce brands.
Data Analytics

Peel x Snowflake: Unlimited Data Customization & Scalability for Ecommerce Brands

Limited Drops: How Ecommerce Brands Can Use Data to Drop Better

Limited Drops: How Ecommerce Brands Can Use Data to Drop Better

Cross Selling is one of the top ways for ecommerce brands to increase average order value and increase lifetime value. Learn about the best tools to increase your cross selling game.

What is Cross Selling: Strategies for Increasing Ecommerce Sales

Peel sat down with Fairing and Porter Road to chat about how zero party data can fuel better BI analysis to drive growth and retention

Peel x Fairing Equips Porter Road with Upgraded BI Analysis

Peel just added automated Market Basket Analysis to our suite of ecommerce analytics. Find out your most commonly purchased product combos in a single click.
Product Updates

Automated Market Basket Analysis for Ecommerce