Peel Picks: 5 Ecommerce Brands You Can't Miss This Summer

Summer is just about here, and the Peel team has our eyes on some exciting new products for our warm weather and leisure time activities.

Check out what we’re digging for the upcoming season and get some ideas for your summer activities.

It’s Pickleball Season!

Yasmin, Peel’s cofounder, is determined to get back into Pickleball. She was a high school gym class champion back in 2003 and now that she was reminded that the sport is cropping back up again, she plans on finding some pals to play. 

Yasmin is eyeing the Pickleball brand, Netti. Their retro color block branding brings a throwback vibe, and their stellar reviews speak for themselves. She personally is obsessed with any color blocking style, and Netti’s brand evokes happiness - which captures the essence of Pickleball - a recreational sport that has its competitive side but is pure FUN!

It’s a paddle game that is a cross between badminton, ping pong, and tennis. Seriously, Google “Pickleball courts near me,” and you’ll see them everywhere. 

Netti pickleball accessories ecommerce store
Hitting the courts in color-blocked style

Good for the Sole

Nicole, Senior BI Analyst at Peel, is a big fan of NOBULL footwear. Their lifters, runners, and trainers make for a versatile range of options if you’re looking to step up your fitness game. And that’s exactly what Nicole is after; she’s intent on her mission of being “stronger than the boys” when she hits the gym, and NOBULL will no doubt be her ideal footwear choice as she strives toward new goals in her fitness journey.

This summer, Nicole will be sticking to her early morning lifting and workout routine. 4 a.m. gym sessions, before mom duties and work responsibilities, mean that Nicole needs no nonsense gear that’ll help her get the job done. She loves the intentionality in NOBULL’s designs; between her trainers that provide ample space in the toe box for wider lifting stances and her knit runners that provide comfort and support for high intensity workouts, Nicole can conquer the gym before the sun even rises. 

NOBULL Shopify ecommerce store
No pain, no gains this summer

Summer of Superfoods

Ruhi, Technical Product Manager at Peel, will be keeping cool with some health-conscious drinks. Lately, her drink of choice is “the world’s healthiest meal shake” from Ka’Chava. They’re checking all the boxes that Ruhi would want in a healthy shake mix, providing so many important superfoods and vitamins to her diet. 

High on Ruhi’s priority list is that Ka’Chava is plant-based and provides a quick source of protein, which is essential for vegetarians. Not only that, but she doesn’t feel like she’s sacrificing taste for health benefits, as is common with so many options in the health foods industry. The flavors are delicious and they don’t leave a grainy texture in the drink (like many other blend-in products do). Last but not least on that list of priorities, Ka’Chava is a convenient meal replacement for breakfast or lunch that Ruhi can rely on while on the go. When choosing the cover image, Ruhi insisted that we find a vanilla or coconut acai pic to represent her favorites. 

Ka'Chava ecommerce site - healthy meal shakes
Coconut Acai (as requested, Ruhi!)

Traveling in Style

Ali, Head of Partnerships at Peel, is looking to get out and about in the summer sun. The perfect travel plans call for the perfect travel bags, which is why Ali is loving Aloha Collection. Her various travel needs dictate how she uses the bags, and Aloha always delivers thoughtful designs for so many different use cases. 

Ali uses one of their bags to organize everything she wants handy while on a plane, another super lightweight beach bag that’s easy to pack and can double as a second carry-on in a pinch, and another bag to keep things dry and sand free while on the beach. If you’re looking for great options for travel bags and accessories that double down on the summer vibe with eye-catching colors and floral prints, you should check out Aloha Collection (but you might be competing with Ali to check out before they sell out!).

Aloha Collection ecommerce store
Floral utility for everyone

Hot Summer in Avernus

Some outdoor locations will be in the theater of the mind this summer. That’s why John, Peel’s Content Marketing Manager, is looking to level up his Dungeons & Dragons accessories with URWizards. D&D has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years with the perfect storm of references in a certain popular Netflix series along with the need for engaging indoor activities during the pandemic. 

John is hoping to set aside his trusty Tiefling Warlock and Halfling Bard characters for a more prominent role with his play group. That’s right, he’s gunning for the coveted Dungeon Master role. But you can’t be a standout DM without great accessories, and dice are D&D’s quintessential tools of the trade. John loves how URWizards puts so much detail and flare into their dice sets and has options for everyone. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the Beholder. 

URWizards D&D accessories ecommerce site
Nothing says "summer" like an iridescent dice set

We aren’t professional influencers over here - just humans who chat on Slack about things that interest us at random points in the day, so we wanted to share our enthusiasm for cool brands we covet aloud! 

More to come soon!