Product Updates

Product Update: New Segmentation

January 7, 2021

Peel now slices your data in new ways! This means you can - answer the following questions:

  • What does LTV/ Sales/AOV/Retention Rate/Time Between Purchases + 35 other metrics look like just for Subscribers or just for Transactional customers
  • What is the Repurchase rate for all non discount code customers compared to those that did you use a discount code?

Segment your customer base into the two facets of your business - subscribers & transactional customers and discount code customers & non discount code users. 

You do this by using the Segmentation dropdown >Custom Segments on all metrics - both Revenue and Cohort Metrics. Go & check out the LTV segmented by Subscribers vs. Non Subscribers. Or LTV segmented by Discount Code customers. 

Peel is a no code product automated analysis tool that lets you create powerful reports and dashboards from Peel’s precomputed web view data. Explore the analyses, save as Reports, add to Dashboards to always keep coming back to and to share with your team.

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