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SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing stands for “short message service” marketing where companies reach out to customers directly via text messages. This is a great form of direct engagement where you can let customers know about restocks, new product offerings, sales and more to get them to return to your store. Customers should have the opportunity to opt in for SMS Marketing alerts in their check out process or post-purchase communications (via email).

Why is SMS Marketing important?

SMS Marketing and email marketing are the two time-tested forms of direct customer engagement that have been used in marketing over the last 2 decades. SMS Marketing has a directness about it that cuts right to the chase. Both in the limitations of text length and in the fact that this goes right to a customer’s text inbox. Relying on email marketing too much can get you ignored or sent to the spam folder, but a healthy cadence of SMS texting can help you get in front of your customers as texting is a primary form of communication for people (especially younger demographics).