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Ad Impressions

What are Ad Impressions?

Ad impressions tell you the amount of time that your ad shows up on a search engine result page (SERP) or other site. Although the ideal scenario is that your target audience clicks on the ad and routes to your website, ad impressions are important for you to track how much you are at least getting in front of your target audience. When you optimize either your title and meta description for your SERP ad, or the visual and written content for a website banner ad, those elements may have a lasting impact, or impression, on the viewer. After exposure to your ad, they may be prompted to type your company name in their search to learn more about you. This can help boost your direct traffic to your site via ad impressions.

Optimizing for Ad Impressions

As you refine your ad campaigns, you will often start with more ad impressions than ad clicks. It is important to optimize your title and meta description for SERP ad listings to stand out and make an impact in the viewer’s mind. If your page answers a question, or provides the best in class product or service, or adds some specific value for your target audience, you’ll want your ad to reflect that at just a glance. The same applies for the visuals and copy included in banner ads. It’s a great practice to optimize your ads to make them clear and purposeful for both ad impressions and eventually improved click rates.