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Ad Clicks

What are Ad Clicks?

Ad clicks are the clicks you receive to your site, or landing pages, from advertisements or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Companies often pay for advertising banners to appear on relevant websites or social media campaigns to attract target customer segments. They also do this for search engine results page (SERP) ad positions. The most common of these being Google Ads, which places a link to your page at the top of the Google SERP for the given keyword. The most common model for this is a PPC model, where you pay a dollar amount each time someone clicks on your link/ad.

Budgeting for Ad Clicks

Setting and maintaining an ad budget are important for improving ad performance and controlling costs from ad clicks. By monitoring your ad clicks and assessing how those visitors are responding to your content and converting into customers, you can make strategic adjustments to your ad spend. It’s important to remember that PPC campaigns often have a bidding system. Top bidder for the given keyword gets the top spot, which gets the largest share of traffic. For PPC campaigns, your ad budget should consider what position your ad will appear compared to how much you are paying per click and how valuable those visitors are. You should also track how much your PPC position costs from month to month (hint: it tends to creep up gradually for the most relevant keywords).