Customer Segmentation

Peel’s unique segmentation features are designed to give you more flexibility and accuracy on how you report on and engage with your customers.

Explore Unique Insights

Analyze and monitor your customer behavior through hundreds of segmentation options such as: location, SKU, product, vendor, subscription, discount code, order tags, ads, campaigns, devices and so many more.

Gain More High-Value Customers

Identify some of your highest-value customers by revenue, spend, AOV, etc. Segment by attribution channels, so you can learn how much it costs to acquire these customers and have the data needed to make adjustments.

Get More Insights From Your Marketing Campaigns

Segment any one of Peel's 100+ metrics by Klaviyo Campaigns, Email Events, Email Lists, etc. Answer questions such as:

  • Is the LTV for customers impacted by specific campaigns?
  • Have specific campaigns been more successful in driving growth and repurchases?
  • What campaigns drive the most sales?
  • Is retention or LTV higher for customers who performed specific actions recorded on Klaviyo?

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