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What’s new in Peel -- Signal Loss + more

Thousands of ecommerce brands have been navigating around the iOS 14.5 privacy updates which reduced visibility into their ad performance. Since Peel’s mission is to help brands increase revenue with data, we wanted to surface the big elephant in the room—how affected is your brand with this change in data collection?


In April (2021), Apple released its new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) with iOS 14.5. The OS update gives iPhone users more control over third-party tracking on iOS apps and web browsers. 

The new setting controls whether each app has access to the IDFA (ID For Advertisers) that allows third-party data collectors to track users’ actions across sites and apps. Facebook relies heavily on IDFA to track consumer journey from articles to ad clicks to page views to purchase; with the update, the ad platform is only able to track direct actions on Facebook and on ads (clicks) without the ability to measure the impact (landing page events and purchases).


Introducing our latest feature—Signal Loss! 

Since iOS 14 came out, everyone has been curious about the impact on their brand. What has this done? Should you be spending more $ on advertising? 

Peel's Signal Loss & Spend/Revenue Trend reports built in partnership with our friends at MuteSix sheds some light. 

The Signal Loss analysis looks at link clicks to your landing page in comparison to page views. Link clicks are not impacted by iOS14 but page view events are, so looking at the difference is a measure of the actual signal loss your brand is experiencing.   

Spend and Revenue Trend allows you to understand the behavior of your users post the iOS14 release and see the change in attribution reporting, ROAS, ad spend and find out if your Shopify revenue has been affected by this. 

They can be found in our Slices section as defaulted reports:

  1. Signal Loss
  2. Spend/Revenue Trend Reports

You know how they say Data is the New Oil, well even with a loss of data with iOS14, you can still Slice it in many ways for understanding and strategic decisions for growth.  

Click here to view your report!

Signal Loss
Spend & Revenue Trend Report


We’ve added 20 additional metrics directly from the Ad platforms (Google & Facebook) to allow you to build more reports  with our Slices interface across all the segments. The goal of these reports is to bring a huge list of KPI’s from each Google and Facebook ad platform so we can automate some of your growth marketing strategic spreadsheets.

  • ATC Percentage
  • Ad Spend Rate
  • Add to Carts
  • Attributed AOV
  • Attributed CPA
  • Attributed ROAS
  • Attributed Revenue
  • CPC
  • CPM
  • CTR 
  • Cart Conversion Rate
  • Checkout Conversion Rate
  • Checkout to Purchase
  • Checkouts
  • Conversion Rate
  • Engagement Rate
  • Engagements
  • Landing Pages
  • Signal Loss

We’ve also added a bunch of pre-packaged reports to give you direct insight and help you comb through all the data. The goal of these reports is to bring a huge list of metrics from each Google and Facebook ad platform to automate your work. You can always edit or create your Slice composition to slice the metrics any way that you want.  

  • Facebook Signal Loss Report
  • Facebook Spend & Revenue Trend
  • Google Spend & Revenue Trend
  • FB Weekly Reporting 
  • Google Weekly Reporting

Paid Social Weekly Reporting Report

These were modeled from a sampling of KPI reports that we have seen teams use to always have the latest data. We have pre-populated a few of them and they default to weekly, but you can change to daily, monthly, quarterly, etc.


Subscription Revenue Rate

For brands on the Recharge platform that have connected to our Recharge integration.

Want to know:

  • WHAT percent of overall revenue is subscription revenue?
  • WHAT % of segmented subscription revenue (customers who subscribed to xx product) is a part of overall revenue?


A break down of new vs. returning customer Average Order Value metrics are available on the AOV metric.

That's the latest so far into September 2021. Sign up for Peel's 15 day free trial to try it yourself.