Product Updates

Product Update: Filters & Charts

A Spring time release calls for some major beautiful visual updates to improve your overall experience and comprehension of the data.

Chart Types

Peel has added 3 new chart types - Bar Charts, Stacked Bar Charts & Pie Charts so you can decide the visualization that works best to communicate your data. You can find them on all linear metrics and toggle between line, bar chart, stacked bar & pie.


Segmentation is king in Peel, so we are excited to share our upgraded UI for filtering to make it more prominent and more efficient to use. Segment values are easier to find and select individually. Also, as many of you requested, you can quickly choose the Top 5, Top 10, in addition to the Top 3 segment values now!

Reorganized Navigation

All of our 85 + metrics can be found on the left navigation bar. To make metrics easier to find and accommodate a new suite of metrics that are currently in beta, we have sorted the menu alphabetically and split the cohort section of 14 cohort metrics into new groups - Cohort Retention, Cohort Revenue & Subscription Cohorts (in beta - to be released very soon!)