Product Updates

Product Update: Attribution + 10 new metrics + more

Peel has pushed a ton of new features and metrics the past month and we are so excited to share them with you! We now support 82 total metrics & 26 segments. 

We’ve just added 8 NEW Cohort Metrics to help you understand how often customers return and how much revenue and costs can be attributed to each cohort:

  1. Cohort Customers per Order Count
  2. Orders per Month
  3. Repeat Orders Rate per Cohort
  4. Days since First Order
  5. Cohort AOV per Month
  6. Discounts by Cohort
  7. Refunds by Cohort
  8. Returning Customers by Cohort

To learn more about them - check out these video tutorials.

These metrics can help you answer hundred of questions, such as:

  • What is the average number of days for customers from a cohort to make a second or third, etc. purchase?
  • What is the repeat order rate for a specific cohort and product?
  • How many customers are returning monthly, and how many orders are they placing each month?
  • What is the Average Order Value per cohort, how does it evolve over time, and do recent cohorts have a higher or lower starting point?

Bonus! We’ve created a Shipping Revenue Metric, which  plots the sum of shipping revenue over time. 

Attribution segments: Channel & Referral domains

We're introducing our new attribution definition with three new segments (“source” is now being retired!)This update is HUGE for our Attribution feature and allows you to easily measure any metric by marketing channel/referral domain with Peel. With two clicks you can determine the LTV/AOV (& a suite of other metrics) by channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Paid Search, Organic Search, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest, etc (13 in total)

Our model is based on the Google Analytics definition and ads social media sources which represent a large proportion of traffic for most brands. We rely on Shopify’s handling of first and last visits to access Referrer and UTM data.

Shipping Costs (beta)

We have built a metric to capture Shipping Costs from Shopify, so if it is enabled and the costs are present, LTV & Profit metrics will take into account shipping costs and shipping revenue. As many Peel customers don’t purchase labels from Shopify directly, we will be adding integrations to Shipstation, Shippo, etc. However, if you are relying on Shopify, lets us know by responding to this message or using the chat bubble and we will enable it for your account. 

Time Grouping - 7 days & 30 days rolling

Linear metrics such as revenue or orders can be grouped by rolling periods of 7 days or 30 days. This is a perfect way to check on recent trends, to know if the past week or 30 days are better or worse than the previous ones. It also will allow you to create widgets on the dashboard to compare to the previous 7 or 30 days. 

UI updates

We have improved our Welcome Page to be more transparent about the downloading timeline of data and some links to videos to help new customers learn about Peel while they wait for their analyses to be ready. We also improved the headers on many of the cohort tables to be more obvious on what the chart is showing.