2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Our Favorite DTC Brands

With more people shopping online than ever before, we thought it would be fun to round up some of our team’s favorite brands for this year’s holiday shopping.

If you’re the type to procrastinate on gift shopping, no need to panic! We’ve got you covered on some unique gift ideas from our team’s wish list, showcasing some awesome brands that everyone will love. 


Stocking Stuffers

Lovepop Cards 

Because who doesn’t love a fun, festive, pop-up card? From intricate decorations and flower bouquets to shareable cards and stationery, Lovepop’s handcrafted pop-up products make it easy to celebrate every holiday, milestone, and occasion in meaningful and memorable ways. 

Knickey Underwear 

Knickey’s undies are made from clean, cool, certified organic cotton without the pesticides and petroleum-based fabrics that make up most women’s underwear drawers. Their starter set is the perfect stocking stuffer for any woman in your life!

Kate McLeod Body Stones

Kate McLeod creates effective, good-for-you products with moisturizing results you can see and feel. Their mission is to help people take the time to focus on themselves in order to become stronger, more grounded humans. All products are formulated from scratch with clean, safe and simple ingredients.

Lasso Compression Socks

Created for youth sports, weekend warriors, regular people, and pro athletes, Lasso Compression products are made to prevent injuries and improve athletic performance. 

Coral Toothpaste

100% natural and fluoride free toothpaste with natural ingredients that provide a powerful cleaning power and protection. Give the gift of healthy, clean teeth and gums this holiday season!

For Her

OMy Cosmetics

Omy Laboratories offers customized products to women of all ages adapted to your type of skin. Vegan, natural and the perfect skincare gift!

Nested Bean

Nested Bean is a sleep wellness brand that creates sleep accessories for infants and toddlers, using "Deep Touch"​ science. This technique extends the security of parental touch, allowing parents to rest and recuperate between cuddles. Babies sleep easier and longer within 1-3 nights. Sounds like a no-brainer!

Facetheory Makeup

A clean skincare brand with eco-packaging - what’s not to love! 


Italic operates as a marketplace for luxury goods, which connects consumers and manufacturers. Between their apparel, shoes or accessories, you can’t go wrong gifting Italic this holiday season.


Using only clean ingredients, Nécessaire has reimagined personal care as self care. The range of products is informed by meticulous research to ensure a level of efficacy and quality that genuinely supports wellbeing and health. 


For Him

Brooklinen Robe

Brooklinen is built to deliver simple, beautiful home bedding, bath and loungewear. Their top-rated robes are the perfect gift for his post-shower, post-swim, mid-lounge... anytime.

Pistol Lake 

Pistol Lake provides ultra-functional apparel for minimalists. The apparel is made from recycled bottles and Eucalyptus tree pulp, and it may look like a normal shirt but it  keeps one super comfortable whether they are climbing mountains or working out.

Porter Road 

The perfect gift for meat lovers! Porter Road is an online butcher shop, connecting the nation with high quality, pasture-raised, hand-cut meat. 

Modern Mammals

An alternative to shampoo for guys. No more poofy, dry, itchy heads!

Biktrix Electric Bike

The best in class electric bikes at an affordable price that are changing the way people move around, especially during COVID when you want your own literal wheels to get around easily.