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What is a Vendor?

A vendor, for your ecommerce store, is the company that you deal with to source your products. Generally, this is not the manufacturer, or the producer of goods; vendors specialize in supplying goods, generally in a wholesale capacity, to retailers. B2B vendors are the suppliers and distributors that sell goods and services to other businesses like yours. B2C vendors are generally retailers who sell in a direct to consumer (DTC) capacity.

What are the advantages of working with vendors?

Finding good vendors to supply your ecommerce site is a critical part of the retail business. Making a connection with good vendors who can supply the product you need, at competitive prices with the greatest degree of accuracy in a timely manner can be all the difference between a mediocre performing ecommerce store and a store that experiences huge growth. Most retailers keep supplier or vendor scorecards that help them rate different key performance indicators (KPIs) of their vendor performance, which helps refine their supply chain.