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What are Segments?

Segments in the scope of your business represent smaller, approachable groups of customers that you’ve grouped based on similar attributes. One of the most basic ways to create a segment is by product type. For example, customers who enter your site and purchase a hoodie have different interests than say those who enter your site and purchase a decorative pillow. They may have overlapping interests, but your data doesn’t support that. When it comes to marketing messaging, studies show that you benefit less from launching generic email campaigns to all your customers compared to targeted messaging to segments based on their interests and needs. Your hoodie customers would benefit from hearing about new sweatshirts or other new clothing items, while your decorative pillow customers would benefit from hearing about new home decor offerings.

How can I use marketing segments?

There are a lot of different ways to segment your customers based on their purchasing habits. Segmenting them by products they purchase is just scratching the surface. Peel enables you to segment customers based on discount codes they used, time frame in which they purchased, geographical locations and more. From there, you can build audiences for hyper-targeted marketing campaigns, further leveraging your customer segments and delighting them with content that really speaks to their unique needs.