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Order Tags

What are Order Tags?

Order tags are customized, identifying labels that you can set up on your site to help categorize and organize order types that come into your site. This not only helps practical logistics like shipping, sourcing, and inventory management, but it also allows you to easily dig into your sales data if you have the right tools in place. Strategically tagging your order types can help you look at certain types of orders compared to others, which is just another avenue to understanding your customer behavior as well as your product performance.

How to set up order tags on Shopify

To set up order tags from you Shopify admin view, follow these steps: Click “Order” > Mark the orders that you want to add a tag to (you can also mark those that you want to remove tags from in this step) > Click on “Add tags” (or “Remove tags”) > Choose the tags you want to add (or remove) > Click “Save.” Once you have your order tags set up on Shopify, you can use your analytics tools to see how different groups of products are performing on your site.