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Customers per Number of Orders

What is Customers per Number of Orders?

Customers per Number of Orders is a cohort metric that groups the amount of customers from your monthly cohorts into smaller groups based on the amount of purchases they make after their first purchase. For example, let’s say your February cohort contains 99 customers and you want to know who, of those 99 make subsequent purchases. You can use your Customers per Number of Orders to see how many from your 99 in February made a second purchase, third purchase, and so on.

How to Improve Customer per Number of Orders

Customers per Number of Cohorts can tell you a lot about your customers’ purchasing behaviors. It’s always going to be diminishing returns from purchase to purchase for each cohort. Out of your 99 customers in February from the examples above, you may only have 22 make a second purchase, and then 15 make a third purchase and so on. This information can help you focus in on the strongest cohorts who are making more frequent, repeat purchases with re-engagement campaigns like email and SMS. You can experiment with messaging, product suggestions, and promotions to first, try and increase your customers’ repurchase rate.