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Customer Tags

What are customer tags?

Customer tags are a way for you to categorize and organize your customers into useful segments based on their behavior, control their access or manage discounts. A few examples of potential tags are customer location, new or repeat customer, type of product they purchase, and what time of day they prefer to do their shopping.

How do I use customer tags?

The most common use for customer tags is to create marketing lists based on your customer's buying behavior. Customers that have been tagged with a specific purchase can be suggested items based on that purchase via email marketing or cross-selling in your store. You could also use customer tags to offer discounts to your most loyal customers and ensure that only they can use the discount code. Likewise, you could reach out to customers that have abandoned their cart with a discount code to encourage them to complete their purchase. In Peel, customer tags allow you to segment your customer data based on these unique tags, so you can track trends and similarities across your customer base, which helps further inform marketing initiatives.