Stix raises their recent round of funding using Peel reports

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About Stix

Stix is the female-founded, no-judgment health brand with the products, content, and community you need to make informed decisions about your body. Venture for America alumnae Cynthia Plotch and Jamie Norwood created Stix because buying a high quality pregnancy or ovulation test should be easy and judgment-free, no matter the result you’re looking for. Stix tests are over 99% accurate, fairly priced, and delivered in a discreet envelope.

Challenges & Goals

In their earlier days, Stix had a data scientist build their retention analysis in Mode but they couldn't slice and analyze the data the way they needed. They also pulled data manually from Shopify and relied on lots of spreadsheets. It wasn’t enough and became too tedious and complicated to build for them to do on their own and maintain as they were growing their company. Stix always knew they needed an immediate, automated analytics solution.

How Peel Helped

As soon as Stix signed up for Peel, they knew they had the solution they needed. “Peel has made our daily work significantly easier. We were manually doing reports and manually doing analysis. We have better insights faster.“ says Cynthia. Peel’s reporting is a part of their daily workstreams. In addition to each team relying on the Daily Report email and the analysis with their own ad hoc use, the team uses the Peel dashboards in their weekly team meetings - it's an agenda item. Each week, the team at Stix meets to discuss core company KPIs which are all based on data and insights they receive from Peel. "Based on the data I looked at this week, I had 'X' insight and then these actions are going to come out of it" is an example of what each team member presents. They build dashboards in Peel that work into how they run the company on a day to day, and help them adjust and make better decisions.

Stix has also recently raised their first round of funding and used Peel reports to close the round. "I sent our VCs screenshots of Peel. All the cohort reporting is extremely important to the business that we are building" says Cynthia, founder at Stix.

“Peel allows us to better understand our customers and their behavior, especially around retention in a more nuanced way” says Cynthia at Stix. “We see that retention for one of our products is SO strong that we now we think about how we can move people to that type of product because that is a money maker for us. We finally have better insights, faster and its a HUGE amount of time savings.”

Some of Stix's favorite analyses on Peel are:
  • LTV to CAC Ratio
  • AOV - segmented by subscriber vs. non subscriber
  • Order behavior - new orders vs. returning orders.
  • Knowing what products people are buying and continuously returning to buy

Peel has helped Stix retain more subscribers and save the team 10+ hours a week. Stix also successfully used Peel’s reports to close their latest round of funding.

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