Porter Road saves 4+ hours each week with automated analysis

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“Peel allows us to better understand our customers and their behavior, especially around retention in a more nuanced way” says Cynthia at Stix. “We see that retention for one of our products is SO strong that we now we think about how we can move people to that type of product because that is a money maker for us. We finally have better insights, faster and its a HUGE amount of time savings.”
Cheyenne Thayer
Manager, Oatly.com
About Porter Road

Porter Road is a omnichannel whole animal butcher changing the broken food system, by working directly with farmers to offer exceptional, sustainably raised meat direct to consumer. 

Challenges & Goals

Porter Road spent months downloading way too much data from Shopify and building reports manually that only Ryan, the GM of digital, could reproduce. Using excel was starting to become a challenge and Shopify did not provide enough data to scale their business. They knew they needed a solution where they could access quick data, easily to ramp up on marketing efforts. Saving time, money and energy was also a priority for the team.

How Peel Helped

Peel has become part of the team’s morning coffee routine. Looking at overall trends each day has benefited so many decisions for long term business health. Slicing the data by subscribers vs. non-subscribers and using some of that impact has enabled them to ramp up on marketing efforts the right way. Peel has also helped Porter Road save on new hires (no need for a 20 person data team anymore!)

“Peel has allowed us to quickly act on our business daily. The early indicators into business health and data insights being ready to be absorbed have allowed me to give better direction to my team, set up sets of KPIs and scale much more efficiently.”
Ryan McIntyre
GM of Digital, Porter Road

Some of Porter Road's favorite analyses on Peel are:
  • Average Revenue per Customer Reports by Cohort (early indicators!) 
  • Purchase Frequency trend over time
  • Repurchase Rate Reports 
  • Overall discount volume

Peel has helped Porter Road save 4+ hours of work each week, improve their team’s productivity and finally get better insights into the business for scalability and faster growth.