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Quickly Create Hyper-Targeted & Personalized Marketing Campaigns to Increase Your Retention

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Hyper-Target Your Customers

Endless targeting. Limitless growth. Increased loyalty & LTV.

  • Generate customers groups based on industry-leading targeted analysis 
  • Push them directly to your marketing channels 
  • Increase your ROI, repurchase rate, and retention in minutes

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And watch your retention and revenue grow

Audiences will allow you to target customers and send personalized messages through marketing platforms like Klaviyo and Attentive. All in a few minutes.

A few things that Audiences can help answer.
  • Who are your customers that answered a specific question in a survey and purchased your latest product drop?
  • Who are your customers who only buy a specific product one time but never opt into a subscription?
  • Who are your customers that are from NYC and bought a specific product on specific date?
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