Subscription Analytics for Shopify brands

Manage your active subscribers & subscriptions, profitability, LTV, one-time purchases behaviors, retention and so much more.

40+ Metrics designed to help subscription businesses grow


  • Active Subscribers
  • Active Subscriptions
  • Churned Subscribers
  • Churned Subscriptions
  • Duration of Active Subscribers
  • Duration of Active Subscriptions
  • Duration of Active Subscribers
  • Duration of Churned Subscribers
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Churn Rate
  • Growth Rate
  • Net Sales - Subscribers
  • Net Sales - New Subscribers
  • Net Sales - Existing Subscribers
  • New Subscriptions
  • New Subscribers
  • Subscriptions Revenue Rate
  • Total Sales - Subscribers

Subscription Cohorts

  • Active Subscriptions per Cohort
  • Active Subscribers per Cohort
  • Cumulative MRR per Subscription
  • Cumulative MRR per Subscriber
  • Earned Profit per Subscriber Cohort
  • Earned Profit per Subscription Cohort
  • Earned Profit per Subscription
  • Earned Profit per Subscriber
  • LTV per Subscriber Cohort
  • LTV per Subscription Cohort
  • LTV per Subscription
  • LTV per Subscriber
  • MRR per Active Subscriber
  • MRR per Active Subscription
  • MRR per Subscribers Cohort
  • MRR per Subscriptions Cohort

Subscription Activations

  • Activation Rate
  • Days to Activation
  • New OTP Subscribers
  • Rate of One-time to Subscriber
  • Subscribers Rate

20+ Cohort Analysis Metrics
Available At Your Fingertips

Customers Returning Rate
Growth Rate
Average Order Value
LTV to CAC ratio
Marketing Spend
Customer Acquisition Cost
Purchase Frequency
Time between Purchases
Customer Rentention by Cohort
Lifetime Value by Cohort
Net Transactional Sales
Repurchase Rate by Cohort

Analyze your one-time purchaser behavior

Are your one-time purchasers becoming subscribers?Review the behavior of your one-time purchasers who convert to subscribers. Find out when to send campaigns to one-time purchasers to promote more subscriptions.

Track the key metrics to grow subscriptions

Track your subscription metrics using data from Recharge and Bold. Choose from different cohorts types built by acquisition date, first order date or first subscription order date.

Get higher-level analysis with segments

Segment all your subscription cohorts by product, SKU, day, cancellation reason, interval duration, plus so much more.

Find all the answers in Peel's Subscription Analytics

How many people make a one-time purchase and then does it turn into a subscription?

What is the number of days between the first one-time purchase and the first subscription? 

When should you send campaigns to one-time purchasers to promote subscription?

Are users subscribing and never purchasing things before or are the majority of your customers one-time purchasers who then become subscribers? 

What is my total number of active subscriptions on any given day? 

What is the number of new subscribers? How many people are joining our subscription program?

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