Powerful Shopify Dashboards

Peel's automated Shopify dashboards allow you to arrange multiple data visualizations together and review the segmented metrics you care about the most - all in one place.

Create Reports

Create a filtered view of the top metrics you care about into a report and add a series of saved reports to a dashboard to share with teammates.

Segment reports by product, location, subscription, SKU, discount etc.

Customize Your Dashboard

Choose line charts, cohort tables, cohort curves, pacing graphs and number tracker types to create the best visualization of your data.

Create dashboards on each types of metrics for your different teams.

Add Context

Add a Title, Description and Notes to share context.

Give your reports and widgets the context they need by adding elements notes.

Organize your dashboard to tell your story.

Rearrange your widgets to get your favorite layout and add or delete at any time.

Align Your Team

Share dashboard and report links with your team.

Add notes for your team to stay on track.

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