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Peel delivers business intelligence to help you convert, engage and retain more customers.

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Pacing Sales
Growth Rate
Average Order Value
LTV to CAC ratio
Marketing Spend
Customer Acquisition Cost
Purchase Frequency
Time between Purchases
Customer Rentention by Cohort
Lifetime Value by Cohort
Net Transactional Sales
Repurchase Rate by Cohort

Connect your datasources

Start by connecting your favorite tools to Peel such as Shopify, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Peel will import your raw data and, within 24 hours, you'll be able to explore the analysis of every segment without having to calculate equations or create dashboards.

Save time with automated analysis

Crunching numbers and maintaining spreadsheets are a thing of the past! Peel automates your business analytics by using pre-defined algorithms from it's AI engine to your business' data.

Consume your daily reports

Review your daily trend reports on Slack or email and discover new findings about your customers. Peel reports keep your team engaged, spark conversation, and reveal new revenue opportunities.

Tell Better Stories

Peel's data visualizations bring your analysis to life by looking great and make it easy to detect changes within your business. You can build action-oriented reports and dashboards to identify patterns and trends. Line, bar, stacked bar, and pie charts help you better see your data to power your decisions.

Make decisions

Peel's analysis reports give you clues on what to do next. For example, once you see the analysis on "Time Between Purchases" you can easily decide when to execute a new retention "winback" campaign. From setting up an email/text campaign to bringing customers back earlier to activating customer engagement - the creative possibilities are endless once you have the data.

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