Peel and Kno: The Power of First-Party Data

Understanding  who your customers are, what matters to them, and where they’re  coming from is a superpower that will quickly elevate your marketing strategy. Peel’s integration with Kno makes this, and more, possible by sending post-purchase survey response data into our system, where it’s matched up with other key data points.  

Peel's Segmentation selector with Kno Questions & Responses as Segment Values


What is Kno?

Kno helps Shopify merchants fill in the gaps of their missing customer data by asking important questions at checkout. Kno powers customer surveys that help brands understand who their customers are, how they’re finding them, and what motivated the customer to purchase.

How does the integration work?

Through our integration, any survey question asked with Kno is visualized in Peel and turned into actionable data. With Kno, you ask customers questions like “how did you hear about us?” “who are you buying for today?” and “which retail stores do you shop?” (see a more comprehensive list below). Then, create an API token and paste it in Peel (see instructions here) to make the connection between our two apps. Once the connection is made, Peel adds a layer of analysis to the survey responses. Kno’s survey data appears in Peel as segment types and dimensions that you can slice any of our 100+ ecommerce metrics by. View how revenue—gross sales, net sales, total sales—by new or returning customers, average order value, repurchase rate, lifetime value, to name a few, is correlated to survey questions and responses. It’s zero-party data analyzed through the most valuable ecommerce metrics.

Survey Results Analyzed in Peel

More data the better

The more questions you ask, the more you Kno. And the more data sources you integrate into Peel, the better you understand your customers and their lifetime value. Questions about what led customers to your site, where they live,work, what made them want to purchase, how they became aware of your brand—you name it, you can ask it. The responses are rich and help you understand the behavior, actions, mindset, motives of your customers!

Kno's favorite questions matched with example metrics + but any metrics are available


What the users are saying

We’ve heard tons of great uses cases from brands that use both Kno & Peel about how they use our analyses to make business decisions.

One brand we spoke with was excited to see how the “time between purchase” and “days between orders” cohort analyses coupled with the response data to their survey question about household size. Seeing the distribution in the analysis gave them the conviction to make claims on how long their product lasts. This combination can easily be applied to any consumable product. Knowing such information helps you have more details on your customers and allows you to perfect your communication email and / or sms cadence to remind them to repurchase. 

Another popular use case is matching the survey response data with UTM data to get an idea of mixing UTM data with zero-party customer response data to get a brighter picture on attribution- including offline purchases.

Another brand has peppered their surveys with brand and mission identity questions so they can assign archetypes to different personas and see which personas have the best and worst lifetime value. Their plan is to use that insight on the response mixed with the lifetime value analysis and build an ad campaign around that persona. They also mentioned how they are on the lookout for responses that might indicate that they need to adjust components of their services. Each question they ask as a hidden intent of information they are hoping to glean especially when they look at it with average order value, repurchase rate, and lifetime value.  

Having survey response data analyzed by Peel at your fingertips can fuel powerful campaigns and actions. Ask your customers anything and Peel will take that data and analyze it.


Want to automate analytics and capture customer survey response data? Get started for free. To learn more about Kno, visit their website here.