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Grow your Subscriptions: Connect Recharge data to Peel

Subscription commerce has never been more popular. With “Subscribe & Save” type options available on checkouts so brands can increase repeat purchases- the subscription side of an ecommerce business is a growing revenue stream of opportunity. Additionally, brands are expected to be flexible to meet the varying needs of their customers and give them many options - around product, delivery schedule, payment, etc. This amazing but complicated commerce model drives the lifetime value of the customer but also creates a trove of data needing to be analyzed to understand the growth opportunities and efficiencies. There is SO much subscription focused data to compute and multiple ways to look at it. Who can do it?

Today we're launching our Recharge integration to dig deep into subscription businesses and analyze every which way one could look into their subscription programs.  Recharge has allowed businesses to easily add subscriptions offerings to their business by turning one-time transactions into loyal, repeat customers. The data is rich and complex with all the answers to a business's success - to customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn.

The Recharge integration allows Peel to offer more granular subscription metrics by pulling data directly from Recharge so businesses can see the opportunities to increase revenues, grow LTV, retain customers, and reduce operating costs.  Peel is known for its detailed large suite of cohort analysis (19 metrics & counting!) so the integration with Recharge gives more dimensions and richer data to truly know the details of ones subscription business. Peel has always been able to identify subscription orders and customers from Bold, Recharge, and Paywhirl via the Shopify data, but the integration with Recharge allows Peel to compute 14 brand new metrics specifically for subscriptions and segment by subscription focused parameters. 

A mix of linear and cohort metrics to help businesses grow and optimize their subscriptions :

  1. Number of Active Subscribers
  2. Number of Churned Subscribers
  3. Average Duration of Active Subscriptions
  4. Average Duration of Churned Subscriptions
  5. MRR
  6. Monthly Churn Rate
  7. Monthly Growth Rate
  8. Number of New Subscribers
  9. Active Subscriptions per Cohort
  10. LTV per Subscription
  11. LTV per Subscriber Cohort
  12. Cumulative MRR per Subscriptions
  13. MRR per Active Subscription
  14. MRR per Cohort

Segmented by product, variant, duration, day of week, day of the month, cancellation reason, etc. 

Now, could a human compute all that above 👆🏼manually and on a daily basis across a dozen dimensions so they had the most recent analysis ?! Nah…. & you know it. 

Recharge subscription metrics
Peel's in app view of the Subscription Metric Suite

How It Works

Once the business connects their Shopify account(s) and their Recharge account, Peel starts downloading and analyzing all their data. Within a few hours all 100+ metrics (including 16 subscription metrics) will be computed and analyzed across all the segment dimensions. Set up takes less than a minute - 2 clicks - first Shopify & then add the Recharge datasource and only requires you to give permissions. Peel does the rest of the work and automatically computes all the analysis ready for you to review in a beautiful UI. The data is then refreshed daily so the stats are always the most recent.  You can explore all the reporting, save them and make dashboards - but no formulas or coding is needed to access the stats. 

Sign up for Peel's 15 day free trial to try it yourself. 

About Recharge

Recharge is the leading provider of subscription management software for e-commerce. Recharge helps brands to grow by allowing them to easily add subscriptions offerings to their business. Since 2014, merchants of all sizes have used Recharge’s billing and payment management solutions to grow their business. Today, Recharge powers subscriptions for nearly 20 million subscribers across 15,000 merchants, including fast-growing brands such as Harry’s, Oatly, Fiji Water, Billie, and Native. 

Monthly Recurring Revenue subscription metric
Peel's in app view of the Cumulative MRR per Subscription Metric