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Signal Loss

What is Signal Loss?

Signal Loss is a term used in marketing to describe when you lose the ability to attribute where your customers are coming from. This can be due to updated privacy policies and updates from tech companies. This can be tricky as some of your most important data comes in the form of knowing how your customers discovered your site and what touchpoints they had with your content and advertising ahead of their purchases.

How to solve Signal Loss

Back in April 2021, iOS 14.5 stirred the marketing community with its new privacy updates. This left marketers with the means of tracking clicks but not page views for a large swath of customers (those who use mobile devices with the new iOS14.5). This is an example of privacy updates from big tech providers that can cause massive signal loss for your company. Peel’s solution includes a Signal Loss analysis that allows you to compare your link clicks to your landing pages with your page views. This connects the dots and allows you to see your true signal loss.