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What is a Pixel?

A pixel is a snippet of code that allows you to track valuable information about your website users. This can open the door to understanding so much more about your customer journey along with which of your campaigns are most effective. There are two primary types of pixels: retargeting pixels and conversion pixels. Retargeting pixels provide you with the opportunity to get your ads in front of customers who may have browsed your site but didn’t take your desired action (in most cases making a purchase or signing up for a service). Conversion pixels provide you with data on your ad campaigns, helping you understand the efficacy of your ads.

How to use tracking Pixels in marketing

Pixels can help you track campaign performance, conversions, and can drive audience building if you collect behavioral data. Ultimately, pixel data should either validate your audience building process (i.e. are you marketing to the right people via the right channels) or provide you with information for building better audiences. Along with this, pixel data should help you allocate the right amount of ad spend to different campaigns (via conversion pixels).