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Pacing Sales

What is Pacing Sales?

Pacing Sales looks at how your current month’s revenue is pacing compared to last month’s. As each day of the month goes by, the amount of revenue that your business generates is added to the previous days, so you can see a running total on how your business is performing compared to the same time the previous month. This is important information for setting goals and KPIs for your online store’s monthly performance.

How to Improve with Pacing Sales

In Peel’s dashboard, you can compare this period (month, quarter, year) revenue to previous periods and per segment. For example, if you want to explore one of your specific product’s revenue behavior from this quarter compared to last quarter, this is the place to do it! You can use this information to replicate marketing efforts from the previous period you are comparing with as well as improve upon or replace other initiatives that fell short of your goals. Using previous data as a model for your performance and always making moves to improve upon your performance with pacing data are great practices for your ecommerce site.