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New Orders

What are New Orders?

New orders is a metric that shows you how many first-time purchasers you have on your site each day. New order data can help you curate a post-purchase survey experience to try and garner valuable zero-party data, straight from your customers. It can also help you identify your most valuable marketing channels; when you have a spike in new customers, you can find out which of your channels is driving new customer acquisition and try to repeat your success.

How to Increase New Orders

New customer acquisition can be one of the biggest challenges standing in the way of ecommerce marketers. It can be 5x as costly to funnel in new customers as it is to retain existing customers. But, new order data is a great way to start. By looking at the types of products new customers are purchasing, via what channels and ads, you can start to build more effective and more targeted customer acquisition campaigns with content curated for the right demographic.