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Email Capture

What is email capture?

Email capture is a technique you can use to grow your subscriber lists by offering visitors to your store or associated websites some sort of value in exchange for their email address. You could offer them a newsletter that details sales and new products, or it could be a one-time discount code as a thank you for visiting. Make sure your email capture campaign is clear in what it offers your customer.

How can I increase email capture?

There are multiple methods for increasing email capture, and many of them involve tailoring your campaign to your audience and business objectives. Not all captured emails are equal. You may gain more leads by including a capture form on a landing page, but conversions are higher for leads that spend more time engaging with content. You should also think about personalizing your email capture campaign: Offer a discount on a specific item that your visitor has looked at. One final tip is to keep your email capture form simple. Complex forms with more than one field are less likely to capture the wanted data than a form that specifies one field and a clickable button.