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Customer Journey

What is Customer Journey?

Customer Journey is a term used to describe the stages of a customer’s experience with your online store, from becoming aware of your brand, to any touchpoints with your marketing content (across any and all channels), to their purchase on your site. This is a critically important part of understanding where your customers are coming from and what your most lucrative channels for advertising and marketing outreach are. Beyond Customer Journey being a literal phrase, it is also a technical component of the Shopify API and part of their attribution tracking.

How to improve Customer Journey

Improving your Customer Journey comes down to knowing exactly what touchpoints your customers have with your brand and marketing channels ahead of their purchase. This is called attribution strategy. Where you track your customer’s touchpoints with your ads, social channels, and more, via UTM tags (special code snippets in your URLs that help you track this). Peel equips you with multi touch attribution, which accounts for all touchpoints your customer has with your content, assigning equal credit to each. This gives you a full overview of all the campaigns, ads, channels, emails, etc. that contributed to converting your customer ahead of their purchase. Using this data to see which of your marketing channels has the best performance for which types of customers can help you focus your marketing efforts and spend.