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What is cross-selling?

Cross-selling is a useful technique that encourages customers to purchase a product related to what they are already looking at on your site or already have in their cart. It's a quick and easy technique that requires you to track customer purchase trends and a little creativity on your part to recommend complimentary products. For example, if you happen to sell mittens, why not suggest warm socks to go along with them?

How can I leverage cross-selling?

Successful cross-selling is an art form and requires experimentation along with a solid amount of customer data. If you can figure out which of your products sell together most often, you've figured out a potentially successful combination. You could also try experimenting with different product suggestions on a methodical basis to figure out which most likely lead to an additional sell. It all comes down to understanding your customer's purchasing habits and needs. Peel unlocks this by allowing you to segment your automated data by product tags. With these tools, you can quickly discover cross-selling opportunities within your online store.