Shopify Cohort Analysis

Study data across acquisition, activation, marketing, and retention metrics to get insight into your customers continual engagement with your brand.

35+ Cohort Analysis Metrics Available At Your Fingertips

Retention Cohorts

  • Customer Returning Rate
  • Customer per Number of Orders
  • Days since First Order
  • Number of Orders Per Month
  • Orders per Customer
  • Repeat Orders Rate per Cohort
  • Repurchase Rate
  • Retention Rate
  • Customers per count of Days with Orders

Revenue Cohorts

  • Cohort AOV per Month
  • Discounts by Cohort
  • LTV by Cohort
  • LTV by Customer
  • Lifetime Revenue by Cohort
  • Lifetime Revenue by Customer
  • Refunds by Cohort
  • Gross Margin Amount
  • Gross Margin Rate

Subscription Cohorts

  • Active Subscription per Cohort
  • Cumulative MRR per Subscription
  • MRR per Cohort
  • Profit per Subscription
  • MRR per Active Subscription
  • LTV per Subscriber
  • Earned Profit per Subscriber Cohort
  • + more

20+ Cohort Analysis Metrics
Available At Your Fingertips

Customers Returning Rate
Growth Rate
Average Order Value
LTV to CAC ratio
Marketing Spend
Customer Acquisition Cost
Purchase Frequency
Time between Purchases
Customer Rentention by Cohort
Lifetime Value by Cohort
Net Transactional Sales
Repurchase Rate by Cohort

Filter by Segment

Group customers by behaviors and see what patterns arise. For example, you can filter each cohort based on the first product purchased, discount code acquired, attribution channel, product type, the sku, location, payment gateway, customer tag, etc. This is instrumental in understanding customer behaviors in their lifecycle journey with your product.

Explore our Single Cohort

Filter by Single Cohort and compare multiple segments by cohort month, which allows you to answer questions like:

  • What product purchase leads to the best LTV after 9 months?
  • What is the average LTV for subscribers vs. non subscribers?
  • What vendor leads to the best customer retention or repurchase rate over time?

Find all the answers to your questions in Peel's Cohort Analysis

What cohort has the strongest repurchase rate?

What product offering brings us valuable customers?

What is the actual ad spend that we can afford?

Do the “Buy Now, Pay Later” (Klarna, Affirm, etc.) customers have a higher LTV then everyone else?

Are BFCM customers loyal to our brand?

What is the LTV: CAC ratio for the most recent cohorts?

Do we have a healthy repeat customer rate?

Are refunds and discounts too high?

Are the customers acquired during a promotion more or less valuable to our brand?

What is our gross margin rate % per cohort?

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