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Active Subscribers

What are active subscribers?

Active subscribers are customers who have opted in to receive promotional offers and marketing materials from your company. The difference between subscribers and active subscribers lies in your KPIs for engagement. For example, you may consider subscribers active if they have opened at least 1 of your last 5 emails and visited your site from one of your included CTAs. Or, maybe they used at least 1 of the last 3 promo codes you included in your subscriber emails. You have to set your standards for activity versus inactivity within your subscribers to further segment them into active subscribers and inactive subscribers.

How can measuring subscriber activity help your business?

Generally, if a customer took the action to opt-in to your subscriber list, you want to do as much as you can to strategically foster that relationship. They may have opted in on a blog CTA, during check out, or even within a purchase confirmation email. Each new subscriber represents an opportunity for your company to engage a person who has already shown interest in your goods or services. If you have a large portion of your subscribership going inactive, it's a good indicator that your content isn’t connecting with them, or they aren’t getting what they expected out of being a subscriber. The more you can understand about your subscriber activity, the more you can find ways to create content, offers, and more that will improve your active subscriber rate.