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What is Cohort Analysis?

Cohort Analysis definition: Cohort Analysis is a type of behavioral analytics that groups related subsets and measures them over time. In ecommerce, cohort analysis measures groups of customers and the value they bring to your business over their entire lifecycle with your brand. Generally, customer cohorts are grouped based on acquisition period, most commonly by months. But they can also be grouped by other commonalities like number of orders, discount codes used, customer tags, or other unique qualities. In Peel, cohorts are automatically grouped by their acquisition month. So if a customer first made their purchase with your brand in January 2023, they will remain in that January 2023 cohort forever.

Cohort Analysis Example

There are many different forms of cohort analysis and cohort metrics in Peel. In a general sense, you can think of your most important cohort analyses bucketed into 3 main categories: 

  • Revenue Cohorts - As the name suggests, Cohorts Revenue metrics follow how your customers are spending with you and how much monetary value they are bringing to your business over time. This includes key revenue metrics like customer lifetime value (LTV), average order value (AOV), Net Sales, Gross Margin, and more.
  • Retention Cohorts - With the Cohorts Retention metrics, you get a view of how your acquisition groups are coming back to repurchase over time. It’s all about understanding when your customers are coming back and how often they are making purchases. Retention metrics are some of the most important for ecommerce growth as companies want to aim for 2+ purchases from all their customers. This includes key retention metrics like Days Since First Order, Number of Orders per Customer, Repurchase Rate, and more.
  • Subscription Cohorts - Subscription Cohorts combines the best of both worlds from Cohorts Revenue and Retention metrics, but analyzes your subscription business. This allows you to zoom into your subscriber behavior to help you improve that side of your business if you offer subscriptions.

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The Peel-ple Have Spoken

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Ben Yahalom

President, True Classic
Peel’s reports are magic. They unlocked answers to burning analytical questions and revealed insights we couldn’t easily find elsewhere. What sets the technology apart is its ability to go deeper and turn data into actionable insights through hyper-specific customer segmentation. Our team is hooked.

Jiake Liu

The daily graphs on Slack have been super helpful as they provide an at-a-glance view of our business performance and trends. The dashboard is a very powerful tool that was able to delay our expensive data analyst hire. Highly recommended to any ecommerce store that's serious about data driven decision making.

Cynthia Plotch

Peel helped us synthesize our business data so we could plan, produce, and predict the launch of our new product offering - UTI kits. Peel made it easier for us reach Stix’s milestone.

Chris Carter

Co-Founder, Porter Road
Words don’t say enough how easy it is for me to digest my data. Peel shows us exactly what is going on with our customer’s purchasing behaviors so we can take action on those opportunities.

Nicole Gibbons

Founder & CEO
Our business is quite nuanced. We trialed a myriad of analytics tools on the market but none allowed for the unique customizations we required in order to have an accurate view of our business. Peel was the only product that was able to work with us to ensure reliable and valuable data. Kudos to the Peel team for making this awesome product!"

Tovah Haim

Founder & Ceo
Really so in love with how you guys are building out this product. Big fan over here. I'm a Peel evangelist

Davie Fogarty

Founder & CEO
I'm extremely happy with Peel. They have amazing segmentation in the back end that helps us understand our LTV over certain windows along with our cohorts and MER targets.

Helen Guo

Co-Founder & CMO
Great analytics tool, fairly priced and comparable to other way more expensive tools out there, support has been fast and helpful. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Berglund

Director of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing
Peel Analytics has become a powerful tool within our tech stack, enabling us to more easily segment our data and uncover actionable insights to help drive our subscription business.

Annie Ricci

Sr. Manager, CX, Loyalty and Retention at Prima
As a start-up, retention/cohort data is one of the most valuable tools in our toolbox — yet it's one of the most challenging to access. Within a day of downloading Peel, we had access to dozens of out-of-the-box valuable reports and visualizations that provide us with actionable insights into our consumer's behavior. We're so impressed with the product and team. Plus the monthly cost is less than the hourly rate of our outsourced data person!
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Daily Insights report in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
It’s your data, we’re just delivering it! Get daily updates via Slack or email.
A dashboard in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
Create unlimited custom dashboards with the metrics and reports that mean the most to your crew.
Cohorts in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
See how different customer acquisition groups bring value to your brand over time.
Audiences in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
Take your targeted retention efforts up a notch with Audiences. Filter to find your exact audience list and engage them with content driven by detailed data insights.
Channels in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
More segmentation options means more details for unlocking customer buying behavior.. Find out what makes your customers tick by understanding what they buy, how they buy it, and where the opportunities are for growth.
Ad spend, ROAS graphs in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
Get a clear view of your marketing performance with data pulled right from the source.
Active subscriptions dashboard in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
Nothing boosts loyalty and retention like a great subscription strategy. Level up your subscription offerings with cohort analysis and metrics designed to give you the clearest view of your subscription performance.
Customer purchasing journey dashboard in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
Discover how many customers are purchasing product A and then going on to purchase product B (and more) with Product Analytics.
Goals in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
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Goals in the Peel Insights analytics app for Shopify brands
Eliminate the guesswork and set clear goals for your brand. Peel will automatically update you on the progress toward those goals to keep your team up and running for the gold!
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