We're building the smartest BI Tool to give people the most important business analytics in the shortest amount of time.

We want to help businesses gain clarity from their data by automating reports of KPIs and insights. No analytics or data engineering skills required.


Based in New York, NY and San José, Costa Rica, we're a small team reinventing the way teams access and comprehend data analysis.

Our experiences working with product managers, data scientists, business analysts, engineers, designers, and operations teams have guided us to build Peel.

Nicolas Grasset

CTO @ MakeSpace, Lifesum
& Tripl
Software Engineer @ Yahoo!

Yasmin Nozari

VP Product @ MakeSpace
Product @ Amplify and Pearson
Teacher @ Teach For America

Phillipe Casorla Sagot

Engineering Director @ Lifesum
Software Engineer @ Makespace
CTO @ Saborstudio