Shopify Integration Features

  • All Metrics: Customer Cohort Analysis, Lifetime Revenue, Repurchase Rate, Marketing Analysis + 21 revenue metrics
  • Reporting on all your Shopify segments (shipping location, physical stores, products, cohorts, discounts, payment methods, etc.) - top 100 segments & all historical data
  • Advanced reporting: Forecasting & Anomaly Detection
  • Access to web dashboard & Unlimited web users
  • Connect Multiples Shopify stores per study
  • Goals: Input your monthly/quarterly goals for each Metric and Peel will monitor how you are pacing.
  • Customization abilities offered for your daily reports -choose metrics & segments you prefer & time period: previous day / Month over month/ Year over year
  • Create unique cohorts on specific parameters in your data - such as tracking a specific cohort after a unique sale or a product line, etc. across all Metrics
  • Daily reports sent via your defined Slack channel