Product Updates

Product Update: LTV Metrics

December 14, 2020:

🌟Three🌟 LTV metrics are now populated in the Peel web view!
  1. Cohort Lifetime Value - the lifetime profit from the customers in a cohort
  2. Customer Lifetime Value - average Lifetime profit per Customer in a cohort
  3. LTV to CAC ratio -  measures the relationship between the lifetime value of a customer and the cost of acquiring that customer

Go check them out now! To make these analysis more accurate, we suggest that you connect:

  1. Marketing Data - Google Ads & Facebook Ads datasources so we can calculate a CAC analysis
  2. COGS - Input your COGS so Peel can calculate a profit metric which contributes to a more accurate LTV analysis-

You can do this manually by going to your left navigation DATA> COGS or automate it by giving us permissions to Shopify inventory. If you don’t have the exact values, you could always estimate them by putting a flat or % fee in the fulfillment section of the page.

Sort the columns on all metric tables

****There is a table at the bottom of every metric page and you can now sort the columns. Sorting is an obvious inherent action when using tables so we are happy that Peel's tables now support the functionality. As a reminder, you are also able to download the table data into a CSV if you ever needed it.