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Best Guide of 2020

Supercharge Your Shopify Store: Collecting The Right Data To Boost Your Customer Retention & Acquisition Engine

Let’s talk about taking your Shopify store and adding a rocket booster. It doesn’t matter if you sell underwear subscriptions, hand-painted mugs or face cleanser, every store owner is looking to grow their sales and profits. That sounds great, but where do you start? Should you pour a ton of money into Facebook ads? Should you experiment with discounting?

These series will help you find the greatest opportunities within your own store's data. We’ll also share handy suggestions on proven strategies and tools to help you maximize those opportunities when you find them.

Supercharging your Shopify store starts with these steps:
  1. Article 1: Collect the right data 
  2. Article 2: Map your customer journey and identify opportunities
  3. Article 3: Boost your customer retention
  4. Article 4: Supercharge your marketing funnel

Is your store running on Peel?

There are thousands of moving pieces in your Shopify store environment. An insights tool like Peel helps you understand your store’s data, tells you what is going at the segment level, and focus your attention on growing your business the right way - using data.

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