Uprising Food is 3x smarter with access to growth-inspired metrics

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“Peel allows us to better understand our customers and their behavior, especially around retention in a more nuanced way” says Cynthia at Stix. “We see that retention for one of our products is SO strong that we now we think about how we can move people to that type of product because that is a money maker for us. We finally have better insights, faster and its a HUGE amount of time savings.”
Cheyenne Thayer
Manager, Oatly.com
About Uprising Food

Uprising Food has cracked the code on healthy food. They deliver delicious, clean food right to customers’ doorsteps in a bid to fix the food system. 

Challenges & Goals

Uprising Food was using a basic analytics tool with a clunky, unattractive dashboard. The only metric they could track was repurchase rates and there was no way to slice and dice the tool to fit their needs. 

With such a small team and a fast growth mindset, they didn’t have time to run big studies. Instead, they were constantly running small experiments, which are only worth what you can measure. With their previous tool, this wasn’t much. At the time, the team thought it was better than nothing, but discovering Peel was a game changer, particularly when they ran into supply chain issues. 

How Peel Helped

Peel has become a regular for Uprising Food. The ability to pull in tags and discount codes, and view different segments has given the brand insights into their customers that they didn’t have before. For such a small team tasked with managing everything, from running campaigns, creating SMS flows, and tackling all customer service queries, anything that could ease the pressure was a must-have. 

More importantly, Peel has helped Uprising Food have a more comprehensive image of its customers. For example, they can drill into the lifetime value of niche segments, like those who bought chips first or those who only buy bread. 

The Butter Knife Scenario

Back in May, Uprising Food ran into supply chain issues. In order to dampen the blow to new customers, they offered shoppers the chance to claim a free $10 butter knife. But Peel soon revealed that shoppers were snapping up their free butter knife and riding off into the sunset. 

Repurchase rates were incredibly low for those who claimed the freebie, giving Uprising Food the knowledge that giving away free stuff does not make customers loyal. 

"I would usually try to dig for this data manually, but Peel has saved me at least a few hours a week. It’s changed my work habits because you can do so much more with it than other tools."
Zach Franke
Head of Hearts, Uprising Food, Inc.

Some of Uprising Food's favorite analyses on Peel are:
  • Repurchase rate by monthly cohort
  • Monthly subscriber churn rate
  • Monthly subscriber growth rate
  • Repeat orders rate per cohort 

Peel has helped Uprising Food save several hours a week and has given them the insights they need to run fast, growth-inspired experiments. On top of that, it’s made the team 2-3x smarter, thanks to full, comprehensive insights into key growth metrics.

To learn more about Uprising Food, go to www.uprisingfood.com. Check out their delicious AND healthy bread that gets delivered straight to your doorstep!