Build Audiences.
Hyper-Target Your Customers.

Create audiences based on higher-level analysis, push them directly to your marketing channels and triple your ROI, acquisition & retention.

Watch your customer growth from start to finish

Spot patterns and opportunities in customer behavioral data and use those insights to create campaigns that resonate and drive your marketing strategy forward.

Did a specific customer's LTV grow since the start of the campaign? What about the LTV of the audience group overall?

Get these answers plus so much more.
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Create segmented lists for more personalized marketing

Curious who your customers are that haven't repurchased in a few months? Or which customers used a discount code and may be enticed to purchase with another one?

With Peel Audiences, you can build and segment your dream list so you can generate the right campaigns to the right people.
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Sync and target your audience across multiple channels

Push your segmented audience across existing marketing channels to deliver hyper-personalized messages and then track your growth results directly in Peel.
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Accelerate growth by creating hyper-targeted Segments and Communications

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